Procedures of application for volunteers
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The TCM-Socialforum is a platform for socialprojects all over the world, which support social handycapped people with Chinese Medicine.
If you're interested for a voluntary commitment, we are pleased about your contact.

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Requirements for volunteers

Readily embrace the principles of TCM-Social forum.

Contingently, ability to pay the cost of round-trip air fare to the host country and sometimes plus food and accomodation. Thats varied between 1000,-€ until 3000,-€ , depend on the location. Please note your currently costs in home and practice too.
The TCM-Socialforum make an effort for fundraising to support the volunteers, head most members of AGTCM and social projects with encouragement of self-reliance.

Travel to the site of the particular project for a stay of 2 until 6 weeks (or longer). 
Completion all necessary travel documentation in order to legally do so. This includes booking fly, passport, visas, immunization, as determined by the laws and requirements of the specific country and absorption of costs.

Work closely with the Project Coordinator. Don't do something in own initiative, thats undesired.

Volunteer Qualifications/Criteria

Volunteers will bring the following personal and professional resources to this position:

- Diplom of AGTCM, Licensed Acupuncturist or equivalent qualification / Qi Gong-Teacher-
- Verifiable further education in Chinese Medicine / Qi Gong
- Flexibility and creativity
- Cultural sensitivity and openness
- Effective communication skills
- Effective organization skills
- Understanding of and sensitivity to the needs of local people ,particularly living with HIV/AIDS.
- Compassion
- Collegiality

Additional helpful qualifications:

- Teaching experience (f.e. Trainee-Projects)
- Experience in treatment of HIV/Aids-patients a.o. infectious disease
- Prior travel abroad, particularly to underdeveloped countries

Procedures of application
1. Request an completely filled application, certificates of educations and two letters of reference per e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or letter post, with declaration of the desired supporting project and a written version of the intent (reasons for supporting the TCM Social Forum?) and payment of a registration and processing fee of 50 ! The registration fee shows the volunteers and organizers of the TCM Social Forum a real interest in a volunteer and covers in no way the costs for the completion of such.

2. Telephone interview with head of TCM-Social forum.

3. If accepted, the volunteer will discuss placement dates and locations with the particularly Project-Coordinator.

4.Donations acquisition by the volunteer for their own mission.

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