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organisation was founded in Switzerland for the purpose of supporting jordan women with the means of Chinese Medicine.







For the past two years women of the refugee camp Baqa’a have been treated for a small donation fee with acupuncture and also taught in basic knowledge of nutrition , hygiene , massage and basic healthcare. Baqa’a is one of ten refugee camps which have been set up after the six day war in 1968 between arab countries and Israel. The refugees are mainly from the West bank and the Gaza strip. Baqa’a is located 20 km north of Amman and is the biggest refugee camp in Jordan. According to official counting about 104 000 people are living in Baqa’a in a confined space.







The people of the refugee camp Baqa’a are amongst the poorest people of Jordan. They are being forgotten frequently and because of poor financial situations are often left without proper healthcare. Preventative medicine has high priority within development aid. Knowledge about how to lead a healthy life is often non-existent among the poor population.

The problems are many: poverty , poor quality of housing, insufficient clothing , unemployment and low standart of education. Early marraige and high rate of divorce as well as marriage between relatives are wide spread problems. Many women and children suffer from domestic violence. Lots of young married women are responsible for upbringing, nourishing and educating the children as well as taking care of their health. So women are the key element in prevention of diseases .Therefore it is the goal of Imra’a to teach the women and make them aware of the necessity and importance of a healthy living.

It’s the women who will pass on their knowledge to their children which will in turn influence the health and knowledge and awareness of the next generation and so forth.


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