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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Acupuncture Project - JETAP

A project that is being set up to offer free Acupuncture treatment to survivors of the recent Tsunami in North East Japan (Tohoku). We are aiming to assist in providing complementary health care, which may be seen as unimportant in such emergency situations. We think it is very important now and in the coming months, helping the physical and emotional recovery of the survivors of the Tsunami. Acupuncture is extremely helpful and to applied everywhere, but a low cost method also. It only needs money to travel to the various emergency shelters, which is the major cost factor, since gasoline and tolls are very expensive in Japan. In addition, a little financial support for the daily bread of the volunteers, while their help they have no income. Most important tool for treating, such as needles, moxa, ear seeds, etc., are the smallest factor, and we hope on material donations from companies.

Look at the blog of Adam and Hiroshi http://japanesetsunamiaid.blogspot.com

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23th to 29th May 2016



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