Muskan Viklang Trust


Brief description of Project:
Help using physio / occupational therapy, correction plastering, acupuncture, aids care in Bihar the poorest and underdeveloped state of India. Daily ride motorcycles at different treatment centers, that way are a large number of patients (approximately 500 for continiuos therapy) available.

Who organizes the Project :
MVT is an independent, by Heiner Janßen launched relief project. In India, the MVT is a registered charitable Trust.  In Germany, the supporting initiative Muskan Viklang Trust e.V. is recognized as a non-profit organization.

To whom is the aid beneficial?

Children and adults with polio, cerebral paresis, and other neurological disorders (Meningitis, muscular dystrophy, etc), and patients after a stroke.

Team of volunteer:

8 Indian locals involved in the therapies have been introduced, supported by volunteers, mostly from Germany.


Which kind of support is necessary from Europe?

Therapists with expertise in acupuncture, physio / occupational therapy, orthopedic mechanics, or other kind of healing therapy .
Help with publicity, sponsorship and donations.

What kind of material is necessary?

Acupuncture needles, plaster, aluminum