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ASF Italy in Madagascar

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ASF Italy in Madagascar / Acupuncture without Borders

Brief description of the project:

ASF Italy is one of the centers of Acupuncture without Borders. They perform medical missions for the teaching of basic acupuncture in various developing countries. The last  mission took place in Madagascar. This mission consists in 3 periods, each comprises approximately 15 days with all-day classes (theory and practice). Training takes place in local hospitals so that patients are discussed and can be treated. Ongoing support will given continue over a distance.

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Aidstempel Center of Hope, Wat Phrabatnampu / Thailand

Brief description of the project:
In the main temple Phrabatnampu in Lopburi, Thailand are seriously ill AIDS patients in a hospital. About 70 km from the temple lies a village, THAMMARAK NIWET HOUSING PROJECT. There are about 1 000 HIV-positive people, including many children. 
The plan is a training program in acupuncture for medical personnel and
Qi Gong classes for the patients.



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