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Garib Healthcare in Nepal summarizes various aspects of our assistance in Nepal. It is a newly developed project in which we are working together with a local NGO, CCODER (Center for Community Development and Research - Centre for Community Development and Research)), the main elements are education, organization and socio-economic development (employment, health care). The aim of the project is to enable people in remote areas a future that offers them what they need to live and thereby stem the rural exodus. With the exodus of young men and also just a few young women, in the village are only mothers with children, the elderly and sick stay back. This means an easy target for rebels, including Criminals. In contrast, increases the population density in urban areas. Slums are expanding and, consequently, drug abuse, HIV / AIDS and other diseases.










Our reconnaissance mission in 2010 and the ongoing negotiations with government departments, health centers, medical personnel, hospitals and CCODER brought the need for an inexpensive, highly effective treatment method that is be beneficial to all, bring to light.


In September 2011 we started with 3 acupuncturists and our assistant and translator our pilot project in the district of Palpa. We started there with the training of health workers of health posts in basic acupuncture.

The project will be supervised for three years. During this time we will provide the health stations with necessary acupuncture and teaching material, organize health camps, in which our students have the opportunity to practice under supervision and ensure in our absence a remote monitoring.







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