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Earthquake in Nepal

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Refugee Initiative Berlin



Distribution of herbal decoction against flu in Rajasthan

Do you Want  to meet the Gunis (traditional healer) in India? We invite therapists to a memorable trip to Rajasthan! Look here what you can expect!

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The TCM - Social Forum offers a platform for various global relief projects, in which Chinese Medicine is playing an essential role. Ethical and moral policies are regarded as essential for the projects to be supported.

That means, that those projects are non profit entities. The traditional culture and the dignity of the local people will be respected. Integration instead of manipulation should be the way!






Chinese Medicine can provide aid even under the most difficult conditions and with minimal financial effort. Considering in view of the shortage of medicines in developing countries, the necessary independence from medicines is difficult to achieve.

The financial misery of poor people means that they can not afford even primary health care. In order to change this situation, acupuncture has proven to be a particularly appropriate method of treatment. It is a very effective and low cost medicine. Chinese medicine can be used preventively or even curatively. It allows considerable savings compared to expensive and often unavailable western drugs, and/or diagnostic facilities (laboratory, radiology, etc.)

In only a short time, a simple foundation of acupuncture can be taught to local nurses, midwives, MD‘s and other various kinds of therapists. Further on patients can be trained in Qi Gong. This will give them a relative independence to other medical health care, so to be able to help themselves.

We would like to contribute in finding volunteers, donors and sponsors and to encourage exchange of information amongst individual operators of projects.


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